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Welcome to our Homepage
Who We Are


LISP is a indigenous Christian charitable trust registered in Kenya in 1999. LISP was founded by a group of Kenyans who felt that young people needed value based abilities to cope with life’s challenges. LISP believes that if the young people are empowered with Life Skills, they are able to make the right choices through situational analysis, critical thinking and making informed decisions thereby avoiding risky behavior and reduce their  vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. 


Over the past ten years LISP has implemented values-based and age-appropriate Life Skills development programs in Kiambu district, Nairobi city and Kakamega district in Western Kenya reaching over 300,000 in over 600 school delivery units. Initially formed as a school-based service delivery and capacity building initiative, the program has evolved to include church and community-based activities, psycho-social support, training and materials development at national level, and an advocacy initiative to influence policy and implementation of Guidance and Counseling in schools.


Over the years LISP has contributed to a strengthened and more systematic operation of guidance and counseling services in schools. Over 80% of primary and secondary schools reached by LISP report increased volume and quality of guidance and counseling services.  Behavior change among students-increased abstinence from sex (3months of incidence of sex fell from 24% to 7% over a four year period, pregnancy related dropout in schools reduced by 60%); and reduced incidence of violent strikes in schools reached by programs.


A well developed and empowered young people who are able to make responsible and informed decisions in life.


To impart value based Life Skills to children and youth by building their capacity and that of the people who influence them and advocating for a supportive environment for Life Skills development.



- Integrity

- Compassion

- Respect

- Responsibility
- Commitment