• Life Skills Training Center

    Life Skills Training Center

  • Chldren Living with Disability Program

    Chldren Living with Disability Program

  • Integrated Action to End Child Violence

    Integrated Action to End Child Violence

  • Kepsa

    Kenya Youth Empowerment Project- (Kenya Private Sector Alliance)

Who We Are

We are an Indigenous Christian Non-Governmental Organization Working among Children and Youth in Kenya aiming at Empowering the Youth Holistically using Appropriate life Skills based interventions. Since our Inception eleven years ago, we have worked through and collaborated with Churches, Schools, Community Groups and Relevant Government Departments to equip over 30,000 Young People for life.

Over the past Decade we have Contributed to a Strengthened and more Systematic Operation of Guidance and Counseling services in Schools and Implemented Values-Based and Age-Appropriate Life Skills Development Programs in Kiambu District, Nairobi city and Kakamega District in Western Kenya reaching over 300,000 in over 600 school delivery units.

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